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Tahner Green

User Experience Design & Business Analytics

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Innovate for Impact, Solve for Tomorrow.

I specialize in leading the end-to-end design process at IBM iX Studio in New York. As a dedicated designer, I excel in conducting design thinking workshops that identify and address persona pain points, creating wireframes and prototypes that meet user needs with precision. My role also encompasses business analysis responsibilities, including developing user stories, organizing stand-up meetings for my teams, fostering open communication with clients, and managing the execution of deliverables that track the project's progress.


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Creating a better tomorrow

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Life Sciences Start-up - PowerBI Dashboard Design

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Living Conditions

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Recognizing the profound impact living conditions have on individuals and communities, we are dedicated to implementing transformative solutions. Through smart design, sustainable practices, and community-centric initiatives, we aim to elevate the quality of living for all. Whether it's creating eco-friendly housing alternatives, enhancing urban planning, or fostering community engagement, Tahner G.G is committed to redefining the standards of comfortable and sustainable living.

Food Insecurity


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